Friday, March 15, 2013

Days 29, 30 and 31

Hey! You know what's totally awesome? Not getting answers you were promised days ago! Makes for a fabulous and not at all stressful work week. But! I! Digress!

Also! Jesuit Pope! Jesuit Pope!

Back to the clothing-- the back half of this week will be known as days of my Old Navy Jeggings. Well, less jeggings and more "skinny jeans with a zipper and a button and a whole lotta stretch."

Day 29
Black riding boots
Black Old Navy jeggings
Hot pink stripey top

Day 30
Silver flats
Black Old Navy jeggings
Purple and white checked shirt

Day 31
Silver flats
Black Old Navy jeggings
Blue shirt

2 more weeks gang. I have to run 10 miles each week and come up with 14 more outfits. I also need to get an answer to some burning questions. The saddest thing is I have more clothes left to wear. And 20 more miles to go!

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