Monday, February 1, 2010

Fritzi Tree

This post is a poll of sorts.

When is it time to take down your Christmas tree or shrub, whatever the case may be?

We put up our tree/shrub/potted plant in mid-December and named him Fritzi. All through Christmas we'd sing to him "O Fritzi Tree." We decorated him with lights and mini candy canes.

After Christmas we began eating the candy canes.

Now it's February and our little Fritzi Tree is naked save for the lights. He is also growing. He sits in our window, gets light all day and loads of water and is sprouting new growth. Seems a shame to put him out in the trash. He's still alive. He still smells like pine. And I love him.

But, really. February. It's getting ridiculous. Not to mention tacky.

Perhaps I can tell people he's a ficus plant?