Thursday, February 1, 2007

First, Do No Harm

I'm kinda bummed.

I'll get over it, but my nose is definitely out of joint.

I spent what, the better part of a year? What should have been my freshman year of high school in the hospital. This, by the way, is not what has me bummed. Used to be, but I'm okay with it now. Self-actualized, what?

No, I'm bummed because in the 12+ months I spent basically LIVING in a hospital. A major, metropolitan, world-class hospital, I might add, not once, not one single time did a patient contract a toxic disease that shut down the entire operation. No patient ever entered the ER with a ticking bomb stuck inside her belly. Never caught an intern and an attending en flagrante delicto.

Okay, so I was there for the whole conjoined-twins-history-making operation thingy, but does anyone remember that? NOooooooooo.

Why can't chemotherapy be more like Grey's?