Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 22

I'm beginning to bore myself. I have miles (or 25 days) to go in this Lenten fast of mine and I'm doing my level best not to wear all my interesting clothes at once.  To that end, it was a basic outfit today, what I lovingly refer to (in my head) as Judy Garland in a Star is Born-- cropped black trousers, an oxford cloth and loafers. To add a little flair I wore my gold glitter tuxedo slippers along with Nanny's Barbados pearls and Poppy's Persian turquoise earrings.

In other news, I once again broke my Lenten shopping fast and purchased a new blush. In my defense (really, though, defense? Jesus died for your sins and you can't make do or do without for 40 effing days? Some Catholic you are!) I've managed to "put my face on" every day since 12 Feb. This is a record for me. Turns out you can bring your make up with you in little bag and put it on at the office. Who knew? I've only been working since September of 2002. For some reason I thought if you didn't put your make up on before you left the house in the morning it didn't count. I was wrong. Anyway, wearing make up so consistently brought to light the fact that my blush was sub-par. Decidedly so. Enter a new cream blush. I know you're all riveted to the scintillating details of my toilette and I promise to let you know whether this $15 purchase was worth my mortal soul. One hopes. Paris vaut bien une messe mais j'espere le maquille vaut bien mon ame!

PS- 2 miles tonight. That's 7 en toto. 31 to go!

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